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Warcraft Version Switcher Patch 1.23 - 1.24 Download & Guide

Warcraft Version Switcher Patch 1.23 - 1.24 Download & Guide | Warcraft 1.24 Patch Switcher. I see a lot of people having problems while installing Warcraft 1.24 patch. Don't worry, there is a simplest solution for this problem is: Warcraft Version Switcher, by using this you can switch between versions just by clicking once, I have added Warcraft 1.24 Patch in it. Currently, you can switch between two patches Warcraft 1.23-1.24 patch (you can add more versions it). Check the download link and guide to use Warcraft Version Switcher...

WarCraft Version Switcher 1.23 <-> 1.24 Patch Download Link:

How to switch between Warcraft 1.23 to Warcraft 1.24 Patch using Warcraft Version Switcher (Step by Step Guide):
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* Download Warcraft version switcher from the link above.
* Extract Warcraft_Version_Switcher_by_Dota-Utilities.rar using WinRar.
* Open the folder where you've extracted it.
* Now open Wvs.exe
* Click the 4th button from the left side which is Options Button.
* Enter you Warcraft 3 Path like "c:\Program Files\Warcraft 3" at the bottom text box of the Options Window.
* Close Option Window and Now click Switch Version Button (1st Button).
* Double Click the version you want to switch. Warcraft 1.23 Or Warcraft 1.24
* Version will be switched.
* Enjoy and don't forget to visit

try la click sekali je..n just kat sini

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