Thursday, November 12, 2009

warkey latest working with windows seven

|The perfect way to customize warcraft inventory Hotkeys|
haizz..setelah lama giler aku x mengupdate blog aku ni..n akhir nya aku dapat jugk masa free..aku nk share satu software yang mana membantu sangat2 dalam permainan dota korang..sbb warkey ni aku da lama carik, tapi semua nya didnt work on windows aku da jumpa n work in xp, vista , n also windows seven..ahaks..korang layan je warkey n x yah install

WarKey++ is a user friendly and handy tool for Warcraft 3. It allows you to customize/set Warcraft 3 Inventory Hotkeys. You can remap your Inventory keys to any key you want. WarKey++ can run on Windows 7, Vista and XP without any problems. This tool has other great features too, check them out!

WarKey++ Features:
1. Supports Warcraft 1.24b patch.
2. Active/Disable Enemy/Ally HP bars.
3. Macro Hotkeys.
4. Quick Messages
5. Disable Left [Win] Key.
6. Very simple and nice interface. Strong function.
7. Set Inventory Keys to, ALT+[1][2][3][4][5].
8. Program Hotkeys.
9. Makes mouse cursor stay in window while playing in Window Mode.
The great feature of WarKey++ is, it does not effect the chat system when you have hotkeys turned on (it will automatically disable warkey when typing).

Program Hotkeys:
- Active/disable "hotkey function" hotkey [Home]
- Active/disable "AI block mouse" hotkey [End]
- (Alt+[) Hotkey: show ally's hp bar
- (Alt+]) Hotkey: show enemy's hp bar
- (Alt+M) Hotkey: check current state of function
- (Alt+P) Hotkey: Pause/Resume "game"
- (Alt+F4) Hotkey: Quit Game

WarKey++ Download Links:

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