Wednesday, February 3, 2010

im so sorry about this, its happen again

im so sory about this, my blog is under maintenance just now, and i didnt have much time to finish it as possible,

but i will try my best to make it better than great than beforr, lol . i mean to settle this problem as soon as possible. thank you because come to my blog n when every thing is settle already, i will make blog walking to all my connection. sorry..

i have try my best, but im so busy, full of class, quiz and test. today i got 1quiz n 1 test. the unit operation quiz i answer it nicely, but i dunno for the calculus this afternoon at 2.30pm. i dun have many time to study n make it perfect, what i can do now is pray n do the best.! hope i can get the best mark for what ever i do. because last night i did not sleep for study this 2 fucking subject. and this semester.. i try to love my lecturer n love my subject.!! hahaha..i will try my best.. promise to my mom n my dad!!

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kerabatchieko owner_ said...
pada hari 

testing for the new template.
hard to change everything.
but i trying my best =)


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