Wednesday, May 5, 2010

16 perkara ibu mengajar saya (dont take it seriously)

1. Mother teaching me to appreciate the work that has been done. (TO Appreciate a Job Well DONE)
"If you want to kill (a noise) with each other, do it outside. The mother has just finished cleaning the house."

2. Mother teach me about TIME TRAVEL (TRAVEL TIME)
"If you do not stand upright,
weeks the mother will knock you next week! "

3. I teach my mother Logic
"My mother bagitau state like that, that's why ...."

4. My mother teaching me MORE LOGIC
"If you fall from a swing and break your neck,
Psti you will not be able to shop with her. "

5. I teach my mother irony
"Schlumberger to cry, and parents will give you something to cry."

6. My mother teaching me about stamina
"You'll sit there until all the vegetables eaten out."

7. My mother teaching me about the weather (Weather)
"You my room, I'm kind of new mothers have to hit the last Tornado."

8. teach mothers about hypocrites
"Not all new parents say. My mother told millions of times. Sepah state do not want the house."

9. Mother taught me about the circle of life. (CIRCLE OF LIFE)
"Mothers who brought you the world. And the mother can throw you out."

10.Ibu taught me about behavior modification (behavior modification)
"Your behavior, behavior similar to your father."

11.Ibu taught me the meaning of thanks
"There are millions of baby in the world to waste time, fortunately, the mother does not like that .."

12.Ibu taught me the meaning of ACCEPT (accept)
"Wait for it to house you, you will receive it later."

13.Ibu taught me the meaning of sketchy.
"If you cut off a finger to be a knife, do not want to come close to complaining parents"

14.Ibu I teach how to become adults. (TO BECAME AN ADULT)
"If you do not eat vegetables, I. How big you .."

I 15.Ibu taught me about GENETIC.
"You like your father."

I 16.Ibu taught me the meaning of justice (Justice)
"One day later, the principal hope you will be sons of the same behavior as you."

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